Nature-Based Life Guidance

A holistic approach to finding personal power 



Don’t stay frustrated.  

If you feel like you’ve been spinning your wheels regarding a life goal, I’d like to help.  

Clarity is not achieved in isolation.

Introspection is the bravest and most important endeavor anyone can undertake in life.


Our Services

I offer life guidance and support for people seeking objective and compassionate assistance in achieving a life goal.  Through working with Power Animals, I teach others how to develop and access this elegant introspective tool for insight, intuition, and self-empowerment.  As an exciting and creative alternative to traditional talk therapy, working with Animal Spirit Guides as a foundation for introspection is a fun and inspiring way to learn, grow and improve. 



Who am I and how can I help?


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Health, Wellness, and Animal Spirit Guidance


I am based in Glendale, California 91202 and work with people all over the world.  You can email me directly at: otteronarock (at) gmail (dot) com