Animal totem readings with Jess are an easy, comfortable conversation about any life issue you are seeking more insight on. This 90-minute meeting involves relaxed, easy conversation, writing prompts, guided meditations, as well as working with the visual symbols of Animal Spirit Guides.  We investigate a specific life challenge you would like to discuss and find practical steps towards improving the situation using the Animal Medicines card deck created by Jamie Sams and David Carson.  Based on the Animal Spirit Guides you draw, we then discuss the teachings of those Animal Guides and how their messages relate to the specific situation you wish to discuss.

The animals are our teachers and our friends. By observing their unique behaviors and skills and relating them to our own situations we can improve and balance our life’s journey.

Also known as Totems, Animal Spirit Medicines are Shamanic energy guides which hold specific teachings about the laws of nature and how to live well in an ever-shifting world.  Each Animal’s wisdom is reflected in its shape, color, form, and skills.  Working with your Animal Totems is an ancient, holistic approach to rediscovering personal power and balance in life.

Derived from our animal relatives all around us, Animal Spirit Guides not only teach us how to access our intuition and creativity, they also remind us of our connection with Earth.


Every indigenous culture in the world works with Spirit Power Animals.  From Australia to Ireland to Africa and the Americas, Animal Spirit Guides are profound teachers who are also living among us and sharing the planet…

Animals are living symbols of the cosmic design… they are the Great Mystery in all its play with form.  Each animal carries unique and specific teachings about reality.  When we contemplate and communicate with animals we learn about ourselves and our world.

Spirits are the guiding forces just beyond our perception, the ideal state of grace we always want to strive for. Wisdom and power are all around us. We need only reach for it.

Medicine is anything that improves a situation.  Medicine is a way of living in truth with the natural world.  Truth is not always easy but it is ultimately the most enjoyable way to live.

Animal Spirit Medicine is a Native American method for finding the true path for your life as it shifts and turns. Working with the archetypal images of Animals teaches us how to read the signs all around us and it offers an elegant way to push through the misperceptions blocking progress.