Symbols of Power



Animals are LIVING symbols of the cosmic design


  • Eagle- Inspiration

    Eagle- Inspiration

    Eagle says, “Don’t wait for God to inspire you. Start somewhere and find the spirit in the seemingly mundane.”

  • Raccoon Medicine- Masks

    Raccoon Medicine- Masks

    This little robber-barron of the woods is comfortable in disguises and teaches us how to relate to ourselves and others with an air of mystery rather than certainty.

  • Mouse Medicine: Proportion

    Mouse Medicine: Proportion

    Behind the big and obvious, there is always something small and underestimated. How close do you need to get in order to know something? How far away can you get before you lose sight of the situation?

  • Bat Medicine: Adulthood Rites

    Bat Medicine: Adulthood Rites

    Could there be a more monster-like creature? Bats are the very symbol of monster in all of our story-telling traditions. But what is a monster? A monster is an unexamined power within our selves that chases us and riddles us with fear until we face whatever it is about reality we do not want to face.

  • Buffalo Medicine- Ceremony

    Buffalo Medicine- Ceremony

    A deeper connection to the spiritual reasons for your actions is being asked for at this time. What is the difference between religion and spirituality?

  • Ant Medicine: The Collective

    Ant Medicine: The Collective

    “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.” -African Proverb

  • Porcupine Medicine- Approach

    Porcupine Medicine- Approach

    Is it time for ‘deflector shields up!’ or have your defense mechanisms lodged you into a corner?

  • Frog’s Advice for Financial Freedom- Getting Out of Debt

    Frog’s Advice for Financial Freedom- Getting Out of Debt

    Frog medicine offer guidance on how to get on the fun side of the money game…

  • Butterfly Medicine- Cycles

    Butterfly Medicine- Cycles

    Butterfly is a visual teacher of how life energy flows in stages. Are you the caterpillar, the cocoon, or the butterfly at this time?

  • Badger Medicine- Anger

    Badger Medicine- Anger

    How do we express the noise within without blowing out the sound system of our friends and family?

  • Moose Medicine- Self Expression

    Moose Medicine- Self Expression

    It is time to stop looking around for examples of how to be and stand in your own eccentric goofiness.

  • Lizard Medicine- Potential

    Lizard Medicine- Potential

    It is time to do less… Sit and soak up all the energy all around you. Let things play out effortlessly.




Animal Totems are Earth based angels in the form of animals.  They are energy guides which hold specific teachings about the laws of nature and how to live well in an ever shifting world.  Each Animal’s wisdom is reflected in its shape, color, form, and skills.

Working with your Animal Totems is an ancient approach to rediscovering personal power and balance through Nature.

Derived from our animal relatives all around us, Animal Spirit Guides not only teach us how to access our intuition and creativity, they also remind us of our connection with Earth.  

The animals are our teachers and our friends. By observing their unique behaviors and skills and relating them to our own situations we can improve and balance our life’s journey.  


Card Reading today is a powerful introspective tool that you can use at any time to regain clarity on any life situation.  

Working with cards is about navigating our thoughts and feelings through the use of visual symbols.  Card reading is an elegant, accessible system for inner guidance, self-empowerment, and intuitive development which can increase hope, motivation, and creativity in every day life.

Through relaxed, easy conversation we investigate how the cards relate to a specific life challenge and we find practical steps towards improving a situation.  What Animal Spirit Guide is needed in your life at this time?