Hi and welcome! I’m glad you found me! I’m Jess- and Otter On A Rock is my holistic healing practice.  Through a blend of somatic exercises, talk therapy, imagery card work, and other healing tools, I help people navigate the mental, emotional, and spiritual challenges we all face on our winding life path.

The name of my practice is based in the profound teachings of Animal Spirit Guides.  Otter On A Rock is the guardian spirit image of my work.  It speaks of a grounded joy and spirit of play in the midst of an ever-shifting, unpredictable world.

I believe that the tools for navigating through the stress of life should be available when you need help most. Over the last two decades I have discovered and developed practical tool for healing and locating inner guidance. I am a KRI certified Kundalini yoga instructor who has also trained in the Shamanic Healing Breath technique for releasing trauma.  I began my counseling services in 2008.  I’ve studied somatic healing methods all over the country since 1992 with:

Cyndi Dale

Peter Levine

Cheri Huber

Jay Earley 

Stephan Hausner.

I study Lakota teachings with the Descendants of the Earth community and other indigenous Medicine people in California.

It is my great passion to help people release pain and locate personal power to achieve life passions.