Life Guidance Private Sessions

I work with people in-person, by phone, or video

Pricing and Schedule:

Single 1hr session: $80

This meeting involves relaxed, easy conversation as well as working with visual symbols of healing card decks.  In this meeting, we investigate a specific life challenge and we find practical steps towards improving a situation.

This meeting is available in-person, by phone, or by video.


Package of 4 sessions: $280

If you are working through an issue that needs more long-term support, I offer a discount for four sessions bought at one time.  These sessions can occur once a week or once a month as you feel is needed. Payment for the Medicine Bundle must be made in advance to confirm appointments.


Animal Totem Reading: $80

Discover your Power Animal Spirit Guides.

Did you know you were born with 9 Spirit Animal guides who walk with you all your life and are available for strength and guidance at any time?

Discovering your personal companion animals can help you understand your unique instincts and how to play to your strengths. Building a relationship with your guides helps find powerful inner wisdom for daily guidance.  It also reconnects you with nature in an intimate way.  In this reading, we discover your personal spirit guides by using the Animal Medicine Cards deck by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

Your Animal Totem pole does not change.  This reading is only done once in your life. We create a permanent document with pictures for you to keep for later reference.  Please read these preparations after you’ve decided to get this reading.



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1hr Session $80

Bundle of 4 $280