Life Guidance Private Sessions

I work with people in-person, by phone, or video

Finding someone to help you navigate the challenges in life can be a daunting task and I am aware of how budgeting for that sort of support can add even more strain to an already fragile endeavor.  It is very common to feel wary of people who offer help.  And in our urban culture, we often feel like customers constantly having to ward off sales pitches.

The role of a therapist, teacher, spiritual leader, or coach is to offer an objective perspective on your subjective experience.  We are not providing a service to a customer.  A service is an activity done for you, such as cooking, or cleaning, or auto repair.  The work done here is done by you because you are passionate about learning and growing and breaking out of old habits.  The main goal of my work is to help you locate practical steps needed for transformation.  That process involves addressing mental, physical, and emotional health as a whole and finding a supportive environment wherever you may be.

I have set my price to what feels to me to be an affordable yet significant enough sum to achieve real change and improvement.  Health and wellness is the most important investment you make in your life and so you definitely need to make sure the investment is achieving results.

I work with people who are serious about achieving real improvement in some area of their life.  We are all natural born healers.  You can overcome any obstacle preventing peace and joy.  Working with Power Animals is not the same as traditional talk therapy.  We use conversation and contemplation as part of the healing process as well as other creative writing and shamanic tools.

If you’d like see if I can help, contact me at:

otter on a rock @ gmail. com. (all one word)

And let me know briefly some of the goals you are striving for in your life.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Pricing and Schedule:


Medicine Wheel Single 1hr session: $80

This meeting involves relaxed, easy conversation, writing prompts, guided meditations, as well as working with visual symbols of healing card decks.  In this meeting, we investigate a specific life challenge and we find practical steps towards improving a situation.

The Medicine Wheel is a profound tool for self-discovery.  When we place an issue in the center of the wheel (at the point of the Great Mystery) we then travel the circular journey to learn all about that issue.  This reading can be done as often as needed.

This reading is available in-person, by phone, or by video.



Package of 4 sessions: $300

If you are working on an issue that needs more long-term support, I offer a discount for four Medicine Wheel sessions bought at one time.  These sessions can occur once a week or once a month as you feel is needed.  In these meetings we work with the Lakota Medicine Wheel and call on Animal Guides for the four directions to assist you with a specific life challenge.  Payment for the Medicine Bundle must be made in advance to confirm appointments.



Animal Totem Reading: $80

Discover your Power Animal Spirit Guides.

Did you know you were born with 9 Spirit Animal guides who walk with you all your life and are available for strength and guidance at any time?

Discovering your personal companion animals can help you understand your unique personality and skill sets and illuminate how to easily play to your strengths for effective solutions. Building a relationship with your Power Animal guides helps you find powerful inner wisdom for daily guidance.  Working with Power Animals is one of the most fun and elegant tools of introspection I’ve ever discovered.  It also reconnects you with nature and animals in an intimate way.

In this reading, we discover your personal spirit guides by using the Animal Medicine Cards deck by Jamie Sams and David Carson.

This reading is only done once in your life. Your Animal Totem pole does not change.  We create a permanent document with pictures for you to keep for later reference.  Please read these preparations after you’ve decided to get this reading.

This reading is only offered in-person.  It is not offered by phone or video.




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1hr Session $80

Bundle of 4 $300