Vegan Dream Catchers

Dream Catcher

Vegan Dream Catchers? HU? What th-? Why don’t I just make them with the traditional materials?

The original art form of dream catchers were made by a tribal culture who lived in harmony with their natural environment. There once was a time when such materials as feathers and hides were obtained with impressive skill without causing disharmony with the natural world.  My Dream Catchers are a call for balance in the modern era, a meditation, and a prayer for healing.

In an effort to decrease strain on the environment all my dream catchers are made with vintage fabrics. No leather or feathers are ever bought or used.With these up-cycled, eco-friendly dream catchers, I wish to pay respect to our animal relatives by refraining from buying animal products and rendering the materials of feathers and leather symbolically.

Dream catchers are a portal of good intent that block disruptive, harmful forces and hold peaceful space in a bedroom for high quality dream exploration.  The Flower of Life pattern created with the weave of thread holds a peaceful resonance that soothes the eyes, making the dream catcher a visual meditation to calm the mind.  These web spirals remind us to reconnect with the unseen support system all around before we travel into the unknown.  It is a gentle symbol informing us that we are separate but never alone, always connected.

Dream Catchers come from the Ojibwa Nation and were made from animal sinew wrapped around a willow branch that has been shaped into a circle.  Adorned with feathers and other sacred objects, this spiral was placed above the cradle boards of newborns as well as in sleeping quarters.  They became a symbol of unity among First Nation peoples.  It is my hope that they become a symbol of unity among All Nations of Earth.

Mitakuye Oyasin (for all my relations)

  • Cruelty Free Vegan Dream Catchers

    The Flower of Life pattern of the web is sacred geometry which soothes the eyes and quiets the mind.
  • My feathers are symbolic, using vintage fabrics and vegan glue.
  • A Dream Catcher is a symbol of unity to remind us that we are always surrounded by the support we need.
  • I use up-cycled vintage fabrics for all my Dream Catchers in an effort to reduce my footprint.
  • A Dream Catcher creates a safe and sacred space to explore your hopes and dreams.
  • No animal products are ever used.
  • Fabric feathers are eco-friendly, Good Medicine
  • My feathers are rendered symbolically using vintage fabrics and vegan glue
  • A Dream Catcher is a visual meditation and prayer for peace.

Define your room as a safe and sacred space